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Curiouser and Curiouser


Curiouser and Curiouser


A week ago Friday we were going to bomb by nightfall. Then they had a White House meeting and decided to invite Congress into the game. When that went from bad to worse, they promised to do only a little damage and definitely not to hurt President Assad, the new age Hitler.


Confused? So was the President. Then Secretary Kerry made an off the cuff comment that war could be avoided if Assad gave up all his weapons by the weekend. The State Department went immediately into a prevent defense, befitting the newly opened football season.


Then lightning struck, maybe two or three times in exactly the same place just to prove it was possible against all the odds. The Russian Foreign Minister announced that they would support an international effort to get the Syrian regime, Russia’s client state, to give up its chemical weapons.


Who says Mumblety-peg isn’t a fun game for adult boys?


True to form, the President had by nightfall declared this idea was his and promises to delay any congressional (or Commander-in-Chief) action until not only John Kerry’s end of the week, but possibly a month or so, to see if this plan works. I guess that last part really was his idea.


I don’t know how many troops the Pope has, but he might be the lottery winner when this is all over.





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    Thanks for the sharing. I will come back here soon!

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