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A Solution?


A Solution?


As the country moves quickly toward a debt limit dénouement, there needs to be some plan to make decisions on the fate of the debt limit and the funding of the government for FY’14. Here is my proposal.


The President has said that he want s a clean debt limit bill. I think that the House of Representatives should pass a clean debt limit bill that provides an increase in the public debt of just that amount which will provide funding for a budget which spends only what the law currently allows. That is a debt limit increase that only increases the debt enough to cover U. S. government spending at the sequester rate of spending. If the government tries to spend more than that over the next year, or if revenues come up short, then decisions will have to be made on how to cover that gap or the debt limit will have to be increased sometime in 2014.


Secondly, there must be no law that changes the CBA spending limitations -- no language in any law that would void or adjust the sequester spending levels.


Finally, the Continuing Resolution, at sequester rates of spending, would be amended to delay the crimes, fines and subsidies for the individual mandates in the ACA for 2014.   Why on earth should private citizens be subject to the crimes and fines of the individual mandate in Obamacare when big businesses, unions, and the Congress of the United States have all been given a reprieve for a year?  The subsidies must be delayed for a year because with the fraud prevention safeguards of the ACA delayed, there is no way to stop fraud from occurring in the program. The taxpayer should not have to support a program that is subject to abuse because there is no way to check who deserves and who doesn’t deserve a subsidy.


What this solution lacks in elegance it makes up for in fairness. The President and Senator Reid get a debt limit without any entangling amendments. The Republicans get an individual mandate that is free of fraud and won’t penalize or jail anyone until the mandates kick in on big businesses and the unions. The sequester remains in place to provide some little discipline in spending.   It’s a win-win-win-win scenario – for the President, for Sen. Reid, for the Republicans, and (most importantly) for the American people.


And maybe after everyone calms down a bit, rationality will take over and there can be some compromise which will replace, dollar for dollar, discretionary spending cuts of the sequester with mandatory spending reductions and we can start to address the long term spending problems of the United States federal government.




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